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How-To Boyfriend: One Foot In - One Foot Out

I won't say how many notches I have on my belt, but I can say that you wouldn't be able to count the scumbags on both hands. I've got experience with a**holes and it's time to spill the beans. If you also like skeezy men with patchy mustaches, this blog is for you.

#4 Never trust a guy who has one foot out the door.

This guy is pretty obvious from the start, but you won't want to see it. He holds your hand, drives miles to be with you, buys you flowers when you fight. He even says he thinks about what type of dog you'll have in ten years. This, foot he has in, isn't the only one you need to rely on.

There is another foot he lets loosely hang, hidden from your view. His friends are in the hallway and they can see it anxiously wrapping around the corner about to bolt the other way. You'll only know it when you think you're finding a place together and he says he may not have enough money to pay his half. You can feel him wall up all of the sudden, like a stone brick you just ran head first into. He'll have another beer to stop any conversation, but it will only last a minute because he is good like that.

The truth is you won't know this until you're years in and you've already decided on him. With every other touch he will make you think he's in love, intertwining his fingers with yours, and laying directly on top of you when he goes to sleep cause he knows it makes you laugh. You can't imagine he would ever walk away.

Beware, girls, of the guy who can't commit. Sure, I have had my fair share of one night stands but when it comes down to it, but if there is a guy I want to be with, he better be all in. If he's got one foot out, cut your losses. Save yourself from hours of wondering what you did wrong. It not you, it's him.

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