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"Camille's intuitive approach to mentoring allows her to see beyond a presenting story of an issue. She has a unique and creative gift that allows her clients to feel seen in a way that leads to deep understanding and healing.  Camille has a way of just "getting it" with this age group. I would highly recommend her program."


Rachel W.

"My daughter is so appreciating her time with Camille!  I’m relieved that she has her in her life as a big supporter and a positive influence on her sense of self. I'm incredibly grateful for her support.  I can see that my daughter's confidence is increasing already through Write Turn's Mentorship Program."


Karen B.

"There is nothing I appreciate more as a mother than a caring, insightful and present adult in my children’s lives. After supporting 5 teenage passages I know how vital it is to have a safe secure place for my children to talk, and navigate their unfolding world. Camille has been a priceless resource for my daughter.  She looks forward to every visit with her and has gained depth and insight that have seen her through challenging times. She can HEAR Camille and express herself honestly without reservation.  I would highly recommend Camille and Write Turn to any parent looking for a loving, guiding voice in the village that it takes to support a daughter."


Carol V.

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