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Who Are You?

Explore your dreams, aspirations, and passions

using mind mapping tools, writing prompts, and vision boards. Get a personalized Myers Briggs report of your personality and use it to point you in the right direction. 

Why Are You Here?

Uncover your gifts, reveal your strengths, and find your purpose using a series of creative exercises best suited to you. Girls have used visual explorer cards, meditations, drawing medicine cards, writing, painting, journaling, etc. 

Where Are You Going?

Discover what tools you need to support your path and connect to resources in the community that are best suited for you. 

Write Turn is a six-month mentorship of uniquely tailored sessions to help you peel back the layers and reveal your passions, strengths, and gifts. Discover who you are, determine why you’re here, and get support in where you are going. Together, we'll explore aspects of yourself through a series of creative workshops tailored specifically for you. 


Each mentorship is designed for a period of six months

to build, inspire, and transform through a process. All tailored workshops are created from first exploring these three questions.

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