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"Write Turn" speaks to a process that facilitates the discovery of a deeper relationship with yourself and others. Asking and writing the right questions uncovers the answers from within. As awareness shifts, true authenticity is experienced, and the “TURN” happens. 


Write Turn for Girls is about teaching girls who struggle with addiction, anxiety, and depression how to trust themselves and live free from suffering. Free resources help them learn how to build their inner strength, heal through writing, and practice other supportive techniques to stop destructive behaviors and start living with self-respect. Writing prompts and workshops provide the tools to start them on their journey back home.

Camille Bradbury, Founder, is a professional writer by day and a nonfiction author by night. Currently working on her handwritten memoir, a story of how she navigates her PTSD and 30 years of anxiety and depression, she is in the business of saving girls by sharing true stories of the endless mistakes she’s made from age 15 -25. 


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