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my story


My story is unfortunately understood and shared by many young
women. High school felt like a war zone, and college wasn't any better. I was lost. The constant anxiety and depression got me into trouble. 


Institutions like high school and college can feel like an emotional prison to girls who are on a different path. Many experience the pressures of fitting in, making the grade. One can easily lose sight of not only who they are, but whom they have the potential to become; especially for creative, introverted girls.


Writing was my life raft. 


I started Write Turn because writing gets me through the good, bad, and the ugly. Write Turn is all about giving girls a container to express themselves and learn tools like journal writing to work through stress and challenges. Receiving daily prompts can create a bridge of communication with ourselves and connecting the left and the right brain allows us to access both our creative and logical sides. When these internal resources are uncovered it can help girls build self-esteem.  


Learning craft writing skills from bestselling authors inspire passion to keep writing and sharing that art with others helps to develop a sense of self. There's something very special that happens when a group of writers come together, especially when that group becomes a place a girl can belong to.



- Camille Bradbury, Initiator


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