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Write Turn inspires the transformation of young women ages 13-17 and 18-25 through creative, self-discovery writing. Writing workshops are inspired by teachings from world-renowned authors like Natalie Goldberg, Julia Cameron, Brene Brown, and more.

"Write Turn" speaks to a process that facilitates the discovery of a deeper relationship with yourself and others. Asking and writing the right questions uncovers the answers from within. This method of expression through writing prompts allows the subconscious to speak and the ego to take a backseat. As awareness shifts, true authenticity is experienced, and the “TURN” happens. 

Camille Bradbury is a business writer by day and a nonfiction author by night. Currently working on her handwritten memoir, she is in the business of saving girls by sharing true stories of the endless mistakes she’s made from age 15 -25. Camille is a born-again cross-stitcher, lacks an affinity for shallow conversations, and is a devoted dog mom. 


Camille Bradbury, Initiator

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*individual sessions only available through covid-19


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Camille Bradbury
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